Gardening or more correctly wood chopping as in this case, is a blessing for your mind. At least that is what I feel while spending time in my garden.

My thoughts during my wood chopping yesterday are reflections to the depressing news about the conflict between US and western allies on one site and Russia and their allies on the other site.

I get concerned about the lies and stories I read and about the lack of a non-violent take from top leaders in EU and my own country.

To me it looks like there is a constant overflow of fear and it has been building up over time. To build up fear is a way of leadership and a way to get control of masses and spread lies that can grow to even more fear.

Violence is getting more and more attention and the only solution to seek peace. Military industrial interests are the only ones who profit from this and benefit from others suffering and death. We have seen that since the beginning of history.

The conflict in Syria is a tragedy that started with the West’s interference in the Middle East.

The UN must have provided more funds so that conflicts can be resolved diplomatically and non-violent.

There is a huge lack of alternative thinking… thoughts that come to you when you go out in your garden and get things done.

I’m lucky my garden is peaceful and yesterday I got things done.

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