I am just an amateur when it comes to gardening and remembering names of flowers and plants.

Scilla I know and always remember. This little early-blooming fellow greets me in my garden and it always makes me happy.

They grow here and there with no sign of a plan and I would love if they could spread and make a whole carpet covering my lawn.

We had snow here last week. In some areas up to 25cm and yesterday we had +20 degrees Celsius. The winter has been holding its hands tight over the landscape this spring but finally we see a change.

I started my gardening season yesterday. Cutting down withered plants, raking leaves and made the traditional spring bonfire for my Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica). It is classified as an invasive plant, but my garden is big, and I have grass on both sites of it.

When you burn the long withered Japanese knotweed, it sounds like you throw firecrackers in to the bonfire – my children loved that when they were young.

My garden is wild and I like that, but I plan to have more space to grow vegetables only problem is snails… I have them everywhere.

At the moment I just enjoy the arrival of blue 🙂

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