My house “an old train station” is from 1898. It was part of a private railroad that closed back in 1968.

Picture below is an air photo from 1954. I have marked the property with red as it is today.

As you can see there are not many buildings around the land of the property at that time.

Below picture is an air photo from 2014. This is many years after the railroad closed and all the tracks has been removed. Today there is a trail that can be used for walking, biking and horseriding.

Today there are many old trees on my proberty. I have aprox 5800 m² land.

Here you see the house from south site.

This is where I am building my new woodshed. You can not see that on the picture as it was taken before I started building. The building on right site was the building for toilets. Today it serves as the room for heating and my workshop. The black building is an old cabin or trailer.

Here you see the building from the other site. As you can see I need to repair roof. I did that on the other site last year. Right in fron of the small window I recently had a big tree. You can also see a former chicken coop. I hope to get chicken again this year.

Now I have turned around and the picture show a look down the garden. This is pointing to the east.

This is further down the garden. The round structure was build many years ago for a Yurt. I do not have that anymore.

Further down I have my vegetable garden. As you can see it looks pretty sad. I have lots of problems with the soil and also with snails. I think this year I will only grow potatoes. Then I will prepare for a no dig garden for next year.

Looking to the right from the vegetable garden you can see a small black shed. This is part of my garden. The building on the other site is my neighbur. The black shed is build on a concrete strucure that was used by farmers to get their pics on the train to be send to the slaughterhouse.

Almost same position. This time pointing up to the house. On the left site is my outdoor fireplace.

Last picture you can see the track that can be used for walking, biking and horseriding. I have many turists pasing by during the summer season.

I hope this gives a small idea of my garden.

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