Welcome to my site

I’m Finn – the Dane 😉

Garden lover and in general in love with life. I have had several blogs over the years… this is the latest and I am sure also my final blog. At least that’s what I plan.

This blog is about my garden, hiking adventures, my old train station, photography and dreams in life.

My Garden and house:

I have 5800 m² with a small house “the old train station”

Train station is from 1898 and closed in 1968. After that it changed to private building and lot’s of trees were planted where the railway tracks used to be.

It is an old garden and for the last 14 years it has been undergoing small changes. Most of the garden is wild with big trees and little by little I am trying to get control of it. Maybe I never succeed with that and maybe that is my destiny with the garden – not to get control.

Hiking adventures:

The area I live in is very beautiful with forest and lakes. I have spent a lot of time hiking here on daily trips. Mostly with my camera, alone or with good friends.

Hiking is a perfect way for me to clear my brain from daily working routines together with working in my garden. I have yet to try a longer hiking over several days… I hope to do that in the near future.


I love taking pictures. I use a Canon 600D and my mobile OnePlus 5T which takes excellent pictures. All pictures on this blog Is my own and I kindly ask you not to use them without my permission.

How to contact me:

Should you have any enquiries you are welcome to contact me on my email